[Video] The Closing Sequence

At the end of our practice, we go through a series of steps that we call The Closing Sequence.

The 5 main benefits of the Closing Sequence as as follows:

  1. It helps us to transition from a deep meditative state back to our everyday reality.
  2. It stimulates acu-points around the eyes, bringing much-need qi to them.
  3. It stimulates the acu-points along the scalp, particularly the baihui (GV20) point at the top of the head. This point is known to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce fatigue, and clear brain fog. It is also said to boost brainpower.
  4. It stimulates the acu-points on the ear, which are actually a microcosm for the entire body. So by stimulating these points, we actually stimulate the entire meridian system.
  5. It brings energy to the entire face, make us look younger. (I sometimes jokingly call this a Qigong Facelift.)

The Steps:

  1. Rubbing the Hands
  2. Warming the Eyes
  3. Patting the Eyes
  4. Washing the Face
  5. Combing the Hair
  6. Point Massage: Inner Corner of Eye (Bladder 1, jing ming, 睛明)
  7. Point Massage: Inner Edge of Eyebrows (Bladder 2, zhan zhu, 攢竹)
  8. Point Massage: Stroking the Eyebrows
  9. Point Massage: Middle of Eyebrow (Extra Meridian 3, Yuyao, 魚腰)
  10. Point Massage: Outer Edge of Eyebrow (Sanjiao 23, si zhu kong, 絲竹空)
  11. Point Massage: Outer Edge of Eye (Gallbladder 1, tong zi liao, 瞳子髎)
  12. Point Massage: Below the Eye (Stomach 1, cheng qi, 承泣)
  13. Stroking Under the Eyes ((Stomach 1, cheng qi, 承泣)
  14. Point Massage: Inner Corner of the Eye (Bladder 1, jing ming, 睛明)
  15. Stroking the Nose
  16. Point Massage: The Base of the Nose (Large Intestine 20, ying xiang, 迎香)
  17. Point Massage: The Temples (Extra Meridian 5, tai yang, 太陽)
  18. Point Massage: Behind the Ears (Sanjiao 17, yifeng, 翳風)
  19. Rubbing the Ears
  20. The 24 Heavenly Drums

You should do The Closing Sequence at the end of every 5-Phase Routine.  You can also do it on its own.  For example, if you’re sitting at your desk at work, and you’re losing focus, go through The Closing Sequence.  It only takes a minute, and you’ll feel much fresher afterward.

Here is a video review of the complete sequence:


From the heart,
Sifu Anthony

About the Author

I’m Anthony Korahais, and I used qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) to heal from clinical depression, low back pain, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. Today, I’m the director of Flowing Zen, an international organization with students in 48 countries. I’ve been teaching qigong since 2005, I’ve served on the board for the National Qigong Association, and I’ve helped thousands of people to use qigong for their own stubborn health challenges. If you’re ready to get started with qigong, there’s no better way than my best selling book, which comes with free videos and meditations. The sooner you read my book, the sooner you can start healing! Click here to look inside my book.

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11 years ago

This is a helpful, visual reminder!

Frank Thompson
Frank Thompson
11 years ago

Thank you Sifu Anthony for the review. Sometimes I get the sequenceout of order. Your video helps me to stay on track.

9 years ago

Wow, i felt the point massage just by watching video =)

9 years ago

Well now. Have a couple of thnings to say. I have started working on a self-help project in Norwich, UK. I happened by finding out about the project in Australia, and rolled over here to the UK. Had I have found out about it starting here in the UK, I would have ignored it – closed mind. But I am Australian, and it started in Australia – open mind. I emntioned it to another group, starting another community project, they have open minds. We are very gradually getting started in Norwich, and one of the guys said he was interested in Qi-Gong, it had helped him. very much. he has been thru a pretty bad phase of life, found Qu-Gong thru other martial art interests, and wants other to have the benifit. Would I be interested? Why not, my mind is opening. We have been through 3 basic steps, (will have to find out what they are called), but I have started using them. The guy was so happy to be able to give something back to somebody, and I felt so good receiving it from him. he wants to give to others as well, and is obviously benefiting from what he has leaned.
So I practice on an oil-rig, in the north sea, in the morning, in my cabin, next to the bathroom, during storms. No-where else to go really.
I thought I would have a look at a few sites an hour ago, found this & started reading. Now, I was a leetle suspicious, it’s a very well laid-out site, giving away a bit of this & that. Then I watched this video. Well, I believe it now. Anthony’s demonstration is so very candid & open. I feel his belief. Guess I will be back.
Have made notes, will give the 15 min routine a go, adn see where it goes from there. Thankyou.

6 years ago

Hi can you practice smile from the heart sitting and lying or just anywhere

6 years ago

Could you put together this on video for purchase I would love to buy it feel peaceful while improving my will power

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