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For years, I’ve taught a powerful and ancient tool that sometimes gets overlooked – Metta Meditation, also known as Loving Kindness Meditation. This practice, rooted in ancient Buddhist traditions, is a game changer, especially when combined with qigong and tai chi. In this post, I’ll explain what Metta Meditation is, the research behind it, why […]

The Small Universe (Microcosmic Orbit) is awesome. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced practitioner, this technique has something profound to offer. Let’s dive into why it’s more relevant today than ever. The Small Universe is a powerful and ancient qigong technique. I’ve written several blog posts about it, and this will be another in that […]

The Small Universe. The Microcosmic Orbit. The Small Circulation. Believe it or not, all three of these terms are translations of the same Chinese qigong technique, called Xiao Zhou Tian (小周天). If you want to hear a native speaker, who may or may not also be a robot, pronounce the words in Mandarin, click here […]

Note: this is a guest post by Heidi Magnus, a long-time student of Flowing Zen Qigong, and a qigong teacher in her own right. Internal power is a captivating and compelling force. But what is it, really? In movies, we’ve seen the hero who cultivates internal power before running up buildings and flying through the […]

Twenty-two years ago, I made a decision that would ultimately save my life. That decision was as follows: I vowed to practice a particular qigong exercise (called Lifting The Sky) 10 times every day, no matter what. This decision eventually led to a solid daily qigong practice – a practice that has managed a debilitating […]


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