We’re 11 days into 2022. Are you being kinder to yourself so far? Or are you beating yourself up for not sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? I mean, why do we beat ourselves up when we already know it won’t help? Why do so many of us struggle with self-compassion? Is there another option? In the 2003 […]

Like most of you, I didn’t have “Global Once-In-a-Century Pandemic” on my bingo card for 2020. Now, 20 months later, 290 million people have gotten covid, 50 million have gotten long-covid, and 5 million have died. On January 3rd, the U.S. reported 1 million new cases in a single day, shattering all previous records. As […]

I like to watch transformational videos of people losing a ton of weight or getting in crazy good shape. I find it inspiring to watch these 60-second montages of someone’s year-long transformation. You get all of the motivation with none of the effort! But how do these people do it? How does someone lose 100 pounds? How does someone relearn how to walk after a bad car accident? […]

Some qigong teachers demand that you practice 2 hours every day. I have never been one of those teachers. That’s because I didn’t do it that way, and I always try to practice what I teach. I also know from my own experience that this kind of advice doesn’t work. The success rate for this […]

You’ve fallen in love with the art of qigong and you want to squeeze in some more practice. Good for you! I love it! Maybe you’ve got some downtime at work (assuming you still commute to work). With the best of intentions you decide to practice in the one place where you have a modicum […]


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