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Self-care is my thing. I love taking responsibility for my own healing. I’ll involve healers and physicians whenever needed, but what I will never, ever do is outsource my healing 100%. That’s why I was originally drawn to qigong — because it empowered me to heal myself. And that’s why, all these years later, I’m […]

My raison d’être has always been, and still is, helping people to fight depression. It was my own battle with depression, my subsequent brush with death, and my eventual success with qigong that motivated me to start teaching this art back in 2005. When I quit my my cushy IT job in New York City […]

“My body is fragile and vulnerable,” I said to myself. “Death will come to me whether I’m prepared or not.” I was walking along a suburban, Florida sidewalk with my trusty mini-Schnauzer, Sgt. Pepper. I breathed out gently through my mouth and looked at a beautiful magnolia tree. Then, a Muscovy duck, with its strange, […]

One of the things I love most about qigong is that it’s accessible to everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. I’ve taught qigong to all kinds of amazing humans. Here are a few examples: an army veteran with one arm a young attorney with one leg a 94-year-old wheelchair-bound grandmother a visually impaired teenager a 60-something […]

One of my kung fu teachers refused to shake hands with anyone. He was a bit of a germophobe, but this was primarily a cultural thing. Shaking hands is a Western custom that, although widespread in Asia, still hasn’t been completely adopted. One time, I saw him meet with a high-level CEO (who was learning […]


I'm Anthony Korahais. Since 2005, I've been helping people from all over the world to get remarkable results with the ancient

Chinese healing art of qigong. This art literally saved my life, and I'm passionate about helping others discover the amazing things that it can do for them! Read More…

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