“I’ve been told that I should take off any metal I am wearing when I practice qigong, including jewelry,” she said. “Is this true? If so what is the reason? Thanks!” This question was posted in our Facebook group by one of my students. Rather than just say, “don’t worry about this silly rule,” I […]

I get it. You wanted to feel better, which is why you started practicing qigong in the first place. You wanted to heal your body, your mind, and perhaps even your spirit. And things were going great — until the shit hit the fan and the qigong cleansing began! Cleansing that begins as a result […]

Qigong is under attack, and we need your help — especially if you live in Massachusetts. Even if you don’t live in Massachusetts, if you live in the US then it’s worth getting involved because this attack could have broad consequences for qigong in other states. I’ll try to make this blog post as clear […]

A few months ago I did an interview with my friend Aditya, who runs a super-popular wellness podcast on iTunes. But of course I’m a dummy and I forgot to share the link with you. Oops! Let’s change that right now! Listen now: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher RSS feed Or watch the video here: Here are […]

“What does he think she is, a G.I. Joe action figure?” I said to myself. I was taking a tai chi workshop and the teacher was poking, manipulating, and downright manhandling a 60-something student into what he dubbed “proper alignment.” It wasn’t working, not by a long shot. And no wonder. The woman obviously had […]


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