22 Ways Qigong Pays for Itself

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Qigong pays for itself.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the amazing health benefits; I’m talking about cold hard cash.

You should never be concerned with the money that you spend on learning this art because, one way or another, it’s going to come right back to you.

Here are 22 common ways that the art of qigong pays for itself (and then some).

1. Lower Prescription Drug Costs.

How much would you save if you got off all of your prescription drugs? What if you just eliminated one of them? Some of my students have saved hundreds of dollars — per month! Wow!

2. Lower OTC Medication Costs.

You probably spend more than you think on over-the-counter drugs.  Add up the annual cost of all those painkillers, allergy medications, cold and sinus pills, Preparation-H, sleeping pills, etc.

Go ahead. Do the math. Is your annual expense over or under $500? How much qigong instruction could that buy you?

3. Fewer Visits to the Doctor.

Staying healthy means fewer visits to doctors and specialists, and also fewer of those expensive tests. One student told me that she saved over $2000 in doctors bills and tests in one year alone! That’s a lot of qigong!

4. Lower Chiropractic Costs.

Qigong keeps the spine healthy, which means that chiropractic adjustments are needed less often. Many students have been able to cut their chiropractic costs in half after learning qigong.

5. Lower Psychotherapy Costs.

I can’t tell you how many students suddenly have breakthroughs in their psychotherapy sessions once they start learning qigong. Many of them are able to cut down their visits from once a week to once a month, saving them thousands every year!

6. Decreased Need for Alcohol.

People who drink alcohol to relax or escape often find that, after learning qigong, they need less and less. One student told me that he went from spending $80 per month on alcohol to only $20 per month. This happened naturally, without any major effort or discipline.

6. Lower Cigarette Costs.

I used qigong to help me quit smoking, but even if you don’t quit for a while, you’ll probably save a lot of money. Many students spontaneously cut down after learning qigong. I know I did.

7. Improved Concentration.

Students tell me that they are able get much more work done in less time, thanks to qigong. As a result, many are able to earn more money, or qualify for a raise.

8. Increased Creativity.

I teach a lot of writers, painters, photographers, and musicians. They tell me that, after practicing qigong for a few months, their creativity gets a huge boost. How much is creativity worth to you?

9. More Energy.

It’s a running joke among my students that two weeks after learning qigong, your garage is going to be cleaner than ever.  With all the extra energy, students become much more productive at home and also at work. (Listen up, employers! You should be paying for employees to learn qigong.)

10. Increased Charisma.

For those in management roles, charisma is essential.  If you’re stressed, unhappy, or irritable, you won’t be well liked by your employees. Managers tell me that they get along much better with their workers after learning qigong. Do you think it’s the workers who changed, or the manager?

11. Fewer Sick Days.

If you own your own business, then you don’t get paid for sick days. One student, who is a medical doctor, told me that she saves thousands per year because she hardly gets sick now that she practices qigong.

12. Better Stress Management

Let’s face it — stress is everywhere, and it’s impossible to avoid.  Qigong teaches students to better cope with the stress in their life. By relieving stress, you’ll be preventing a laundry list of medical issues.

13. Better Relationships

If qigong helps you to avoid a divorce, how much will it save you and your spouse? Many students tell me that qigong is the best form of couples’ therapy on the planet because it reduces stress and smooths out the emotions.  It also helps to open up the energy in the Heart Meridian, making you more loving and forgiving.

14. More Courage

A student told me that, thanks to qigong, he suddenly had the courage to go after a big business opportunity. The opportunity had been there for a while, but he was too afraid to go after it.   Practicing qigong opened up his Gallbladder Meridian, allowing his courage to flow more freely. Did I mention that this opportunity ended up being worth over $200,000 dollars?

15. Increased Healing Abilities

Acupuncturists, chiropractors, and massage therapists regularly report that practicing qigong makes them better healers. The healthier the doctor, the healthier the patient, and the healthier the business!

16. Increased Stamina

Qigong increases the circulation of both energy and blood, giving you more stamina.  For professional athletes, this is obviously a big benefit, but it is also valuable to soldiers, laborers, postal workers, firefighters, policemen, salesmen, bartenders, nurses, doctors, and anyone who works on their feet. 

17. Lower Beauty Costs

Do you spend a fortune on products to keep you looking good?  Trust me, the anti-aging and health benefits of qigong work better.  People who practice Qigong look younger, healthier, and happier — naturally.

18. Lower Food Costs

How much do you spend each month on comfort food?  What if you got that “comfort” from something else?  Qigong harmonizes the metabolism, regulates the hormones, and smooths emotional cravings.  As a result, your potato chip and chocolate expenses will drop.

19. More Happiness

For me, getting rid of my depression years ago was a lifesaver.  But being happy also earns me money. I love what I do, and people say that my enthusiasm is infectious. One student told me that she signed up for my workshop specifically because I was bouncing with joy, and she wanted the same for herself.

20. Less pain

If you were 100% pain free, would you be better at your job?  Would you earn more money somehow?  Many of my students are 100% pain free, thanks to Qigong.

21. Better sleep.

Do you wake up exhausted, dreading the day ahead?  If you slept better, would you be more productive?  A student once told me that, after his first Flowing Zen workshop, he slept better than he had in 20 years.  This is actually very common among my students.

22. More Zest for Life

Many students tell me that food tastes better, colors look brighter, sex is more enjoyable, and simply being alive is a joy after learning qigong. How does this make us more money? Who cares? Without these benefits, what’s the point of all that money anyway? 

Mindfully yours,
Sifu Anthony

I’m Anthony Korahais, and I used qigong to heal from clinical depression, low back pain, anxiety, and chronic fatigue. I’ve already taught thousands of people from all over the world to use qigong for their own stubborn health issues. I teach online courses, and also lead in-person retreats and workshops.

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  1. Imran Ali February 16, 2014 at 3:00 pm #

    Hi Sifu,

    Many thanks for sharing this great information. It has certainly given me the push to start attending QiGong here in Scotland, UK.

    Take care. Peace.


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