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Punching with Fiery Eyes

How to Get Angry Like the Dalai Lama

I quit Facebook because it was making me angry. The politics, the racism, the hatred, the pointless arguing that never convinces anyone. All of this was making me angry. It wasn’t good for my Liver Qi. Some people think that a qigong teacher like me shouldn’t get angry in the first place. This makes me […]

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Qigong Cross Training

These days, you hear a lot about cross-training in the fitness world. The premise is simple: By training simultaneously in more than one discipline you’ll get more benefit than if you trained in just one discipline. Does the same cross-training premise hold true with Qigong?

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The 3 Golden Rules for Qigong and Tai Chi

Students are always looking for tips and tricks for practicing Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, and even Yoga. I do my best to help by offering lots of tips via my blog, as well as in my classes. But you don’t need a long list of tips and tricks to succeed in these arts. All you […]

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