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Since 2005, I’ve helped 10,000+ people with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and more…

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I’m Anthony Korahais, founder of Flowing Zen.

Since 2005, I’ve helped people from all over the world to get remarkable results with the ancient Chinese healing art of qigong. This art literally saved my life, and I’m passionate about helping others discover the amazing things that it can do for them! View some of our most popular courses below.

Qigong 101: The Art of Healing for Busy People

12 months of step-by-step training that makes it affordable, convenient, and easy for you to finally heal.

Free Mini-Course: Beat Fatigue

Go from exhausted to energized with this simple qigong training. Put down that 4th cup of coffee and try this instead.

Qigong 201: The Path to Mastery

Get 12 Months of Systematic, Online Instruction in 6 Different Traditional Qigong Sets

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