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Dear prospective student,

I love that you want to reach out and connect with me. I really do!

But here’s the thing. I already have my hands full taking good care of my active students, writing a book, and working on my blog.

Answering random questions via email is not an efficient use of my time, especially since many of those questions have already been answered.

Nevertheless, here’s how you can get answers to your questions:
  1. Post your question in our Facebook group. This is, by far, the best way to connect with me, and also with our amazing community. If you tag me (type @Anthony Korahais), then I will personally answer your question. In addition to that, others will also chime in, including my certified instructors and my students. Sometimes, one of my students will give you a better answer than I do!
  2. Ask your question in my free course. Below the videos and guided meditations, you can post questions.
  3. Ask your question below a blog post. I have 3 books worth of free blog posts on my website. Do a quick search using the button in the top menu bar. Or you can scroll through my complete blog index.
  4. Buy a course. When you pay for one of my courses, you can ask me questions inside the course. Some of my programs also involve live webinars where you can ask me a question using audio or video.
  5. Email my assistant Melissa using the contact form below.
Thanks for understanding,

Sifu Anthony

P.S. Please DO NOT send me direct messages via Facebook messenger or Instagram.

To send an email to my assistant, Melissa, please use the form below.

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