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Certified Flowing Zen Instructors

In May, 2016, I completed the first-ever Flowing Zen Qigong Teacher Certification Program in Gainesville, Florida. Then in July 2018, we did another program in Costa Rica.

The following instructors survived 50-150 hours of grueling teacher-specific training in qigong, and passed both practical and written exams.

In addition to the teacher training, each instructor had 2-24 years of prior qigong experience before starting the certification program.

Some teacher certification programs count the student phase of the training toward the certification hours. If I did that, then these instructors would all be 200-hour certified (or more).

Instead, I prefer to differentiate between the student phase and the teacher-training phase. This is how I will keep my standards high for teacher certification.

The training covered topics like: teaching The 18 Luohan Hands, The history of qigong (and tai chi), the absolute basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yin-Yang Theory, Five-Element Theory, appropriate touch, ethics, The Three Treasures, the 12 Primary Skills of Qigong, opening energy points, mindfulness and qigong, the 6 major energy points, the dosage of qigong, the research on qigong, what qigong can and cannot heal, when to call 911, and more…

Without further ado, here are the certified Flowing Zen Qigong instructors, listed by total training hours:

150 Hours of Teacher Training

Wendy Walton
Location: Gainesville, Florida
“I started qigong to heal from Crohn’s Disease. I have achieved that and much more. I’ve practiced for 6 years and have taught for three. I love teaching qigong, and especially the Warrior Stances (Zhan Zhuang).” – Wendy

100 Hours of Teacher Training

Arun Blatchley
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Occupation: Media Editor
Facebook Page:
“I’ve been practicing qigong and kung fu since I was 17, and almost ten years later, I can’t imagine life without it! I’ve boosted my immune system, begun healing my scoliosis, and empowered myself to live life on my terms.” – Arun

Chuck Boardman
Location: Lake City Florida
Occupation: Happy husband, Occupational Therapist, and retired military officer.
Phone: 443-876-6293
“I started learning Tai Chi forms in 1990 but never realized you could use them for more than moving meditation and balance training. After learning Flowing Zen Qigong for the past several years, it has changed the way I practice my martial arts. I have practiced qigong with other teachers but no one yet has introduced the wonderful “flowing willow” aspect that is found in the qigong taught by Sifu Anthony. It is great for my health and has helped me improve the internal aspect of my push hands and Tai Chi Chuan practice. I hope to share this with others in the Lake City area who are truly interested in learning this helpful practice.” – Chuck

Glen Boecher
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Family Mediator and Attorney
Phone: 352-562-9750
“I have been practicing qigong since 2009, and it has enhanced virtually every aspect of my life on a fundamental level. I am grateful for the opportunity to train under Sifu Anthony Korahais, and enthusiastic about continuing to develop these skills and sharing them with others.” – Glen

Coro Borjas
Location: Gainesville, FL and beyond!
Occupation: Wellness Coach
Phone: 352-389-5148
Facebook: Wellness with Coro
Other: Hablo Español
“Qigong transformed my life! Years ago I was terrified dealing with health challenges also affecting my emotional state to the point of fearing for my life. Qigong provided me with a simple way of tuning up with self-healing and empowerment while enjoying the practice.  Grateful for the amazing shift I experienced as a result of practicing it. I am now passionate to share with others all over the world who seek to have a better quality of life and to cultivate good health and vitality.” – Coro

Vickie Caligure
Location: Green Valley, AZ
Occupation: Retired Physical Therapist and college instructor
Phone 352-501-1788
“I began Qigong learning from a book in 2006. My practice blossomed when I found Sifu Anthony at Flowing Zen. I am now a certified instructor in the Flowing Zen style and am excited to share the amazing benefits of Qigong. After 2 knee surgeries and the discovery of an impaired immune system, the practice of Qigong has kept me healthy in body, mind, and spirit. I know it can make a difference!” – Vickie

Rachael Channing
Location: Gainesville, Florida (and beyond!)
Occupation: Free spirit retired from stress. Now working with individuals, small groups, large classroom settings, and hosting live workshops in my capacity as a Flowing Zen Certified Qigong Instructor.
Phone: (352) 219-8111
“Qigong actually found me. I was a confused, stressed, unhappy, spiritually depleted individual in great physical pain due to multiple accidents. Fast forward 6 ½ years of practicing Flowing Zen Qigong and I am happy, courageous, in much better physical condition, and feeling spiritual contentment. Feeling empowered to create a new life for myself I became a Certified Flowing Zen Qigong Instructor.” – Rachael

Claire R. Holland, MD
Location: Jacksonville, especially The Beaches
Occupation: Claire Holland, MD, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Light Touch Therapist.
Phone: (904) 535-4779
“I started Qigong at a time of tremendous upheaval in my life. I often began sessions feeling overwhelmed or tense, but by the end, I could breathe and smile again!” – Claire

Lauren Michelle Kolansky
Location: Gainesville, FL & Asheville, NC
Occupation: Healing Arts Facilitator / UF Health Integrative Medicine
Phone: 925-998-3091
“Over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with a supposedly incurable debilitating neuro-skeletal muscle disease that caused extraordinary pain, anxiety, and depression. Qigong has been a powerful medicine that not only got rid of all my pain but helped me to move again. Now I have more health and vitality than ever before! I can do more and handle more with joy and ease, as it strengthens my ability to let go, empowers my health, and ignites the spark that continues to promote my creativity, strength, and love for life.” – Lauren 

Tamara Leisey
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Licensed Occupational and Massage Therapist
Phone: 352-275-2829
“I have been practicing qigong and Chinese martial arts since 1996. These amazing arts have helped me to accomplish everything I’ve set out to do in my adult life while maintaining vibrant health, youthful energy, and enthusiasm! I’m eager to share the practices and benefits of qigong with all who are interested.” – Tamara

Monica Marquis
Location: Greater Toronto Area Canada
Occupation: Health Promotion Specialist
Phone: 905-483-3811
Facebook: Qigong For Stress
“My focus is on qigong for stress, anxiety, and better sleep. I’m a Medical Qigong Therapist in addition to a qigong teacher. I teach at several locations in the Greater Toronto area.” – Monica

Mandi Palmer
Location: Asheville, NC
Occupation: Functional Medicine Health Coach
Phone: 828-575-8299
“Qigong has been the missing piece of the puzzle to connect my mind, body, and spirit. I never knew REAL healing until I began practicing daily.” – Mandi

Lisa Patterson
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 352-377-7040
“I discovered Qigong seven years ago. Qigong helps me to be a healthier person. I want to share this healing art with those who wish to be healthier too.” – Lisa

Christina Polnyj
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Occupation: Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: 352-222-1747

Michele Gonzales Talmor 
Location: Gainesville, Fl & Versailles France
Occupation: Massage Therapist, Medical Qi Gong practitioner, Biosyntonie and Nutripuncture practitioner
Phone: (352) 374-8170 (in Florida) and (33) 1-39557366 (in France)
“I studied qigong with several teachers, but I discovered really the fun and the pleasure of practice through the teaching of Flowing Zen, and that gave me the desire to become a teacher.” – Michele

Erin Taratoot, AP, LMT
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Occupation: Licensed Acupuncturist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor
Phone: 850-694-0225
“I discovered qigong while in school for acupuncture, and I fell in love immediately.  The simple techniques have greatly improved my energy, mood, and overall health.” – Erin

Cloe Waterfield
Location: Gainesville, Florida & Tiverton, Nova Scotia
Occupation: Environmental Educator and Consultant
Websites: and
Twitter: @cloe2050
“I am a firm believer in the healing power of nature. Finding qigong, with its breathwork, gentle motion, stillness, and positive thinking, was like settling into a soft pillow, deep in a pristine forest and saying aahhhh…” – Cloe 

Barbara B. Welsch, DVM, PhD
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Psychologist and Veterinarian
Phone: 352-727-2906
“I have learned that there is so much more to physical, emotional, and spiritual health than what is readily apparent. I use qigong as my own healing practice and incorporate it into my psychotherapy practice. I also teach qigong at the Counseling and Wellness Center of the University of Florida. I offer 1 on 1 qigong lessons in Gainesville, and I use Reiki in my animal hospice practice.” – Barbara

Judith Williams, PhD
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Occupation: Professor, School of Theatre and Dance, University of Florida
Phone: (352)281-278

Anne Young
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Certified Flowing Zen Qigong Instructor!
Classes: Unity of Gainesville Church, 8801 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32606
Phone: 352-665-6727
Facebook Page: Heart-Centered Qigong
“My 6+ years of Flowing Zen training and practice have changed me from a tired old woman just waiting to retire and rest to a sexy sexagenarian who could hardly wait get certified and start this new and exciting career teaching qigong. I battled for years (probably a lifetime) with depression and I was suffering from chronic low back pain since 1992. Qigong gave me a toolbox of techniques to handle both. Sharing what I’ve learned and helping others get great results is my mission!” – Anne

Anne Young
Location: Gainesville, FL
Occupation: Certified Flowing Zen Qigong Instructor!
Classes: Unity of Gainesville Church, 8801 NW 39th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32606
Phone: 352-665-6727
Facebook Page: Heart-Centered Qigong
“My 6+ years of Flowing Zen training and practice have changed me from a tired old woman just waiting to retire and rest to a sexy sexagenarian who could hardly wait get certified and start this new and exciting career teaching qigong. I battled for years (probably a lifetime) with depression and I was suffering from chronic low back pain since 1992. Qigong gave me a toolbox of techniques to handle both. Sharing what I’ve learned and helping others get great results is my mission!” – Anne

50 Hours of Teacher Training

Armando Aguirre
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Occupation: Tax Lawyer and Entrepreneur
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
“Qigong is the most complete and holistic way to connect with your body, mind, & spirit/soul/higher self. I have benefited in health, mental clearness, internal strength, and consciousness.” – Armando

Mindy Gilmore
Location: Golden/Lakewood, CO
Occupation: Qigong Instructor
Phone: 303-503-6308
“I’ve had a 35-year career in health and wellness/shiatsu massage therapy. After a shoulder injury, I transitioned to learning, practicing, and teaching Qigong. In my continuing study, I learned, was certified in, and taught several other styles of Qigong before discovering the gold mine of Flowing Zen. That was the missing piece that put it all together for me. I watched my students discover many benefits that they had been seeking. (Incidentally, my long-term shoulder injury healed!)  This practice has endless possibilities, and I would be honored to share it with you.” – Mindy

Ettaline Hill
Location: Coleraine, Northern Ireland, UK
Occupation: Complementary Therapist specialising in healthy aging
Phone: 0797-418-5554
“I’ve been practicing qigong for over 17 years, having discovered it as part of my shiatsu therapy training; I have been teaching since 2012. Qigong has helped my posture, my breathing, and resilience to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life in the 21st century. I qualified as a teacher with the Shiatsu College originally and then followed up with Sifu Anthony Korahais’ Qigong Teacher Training. I run weekly in-person classes. Contact me for more information and to see how it can help you.” – Ettaline

George Lambert
Location: Jupiter, FL
Occupation: Martial arts, tai chi, qigong instructor
Phone: 561-346-2417
Twitter: @MartialArtsJup
Facebook: Jupiter Farms Tai Chi/Qigong
Languages Spoken: English, basic Spanish
“The greatest pleasure I receive from qigong is when a student says after a session: “Thank you, George. That felt great!”
 – George

Laura Kandziolka / Tao and Zen Healing
Location: Bucks (PA) & Hunterdon (NJ) counties
Occupation: Owner, Tao and Zen Healing (qigong instruction and energy healing) and Balanced Bookkeeping (bookkeeping services for holistic health, especially women-owned businesses)
Phone: 617-524-2795
Languages Spoken: English, Deutsch
“For me, qigong is the perfect marriage of sitting meditation and yoga. There’s enough movement to give me something to focus on (in sitting meditation, focusing on my breath was never enough), but it’s less work than yoga, so I am not distracted from the relaxation. The gentle, flowing movements are a moving meditation.” – Laura 

Dan O’Carroll
Location: UK & Ireland
Occupation: University Lecturer
“I went to my first qigong class in 2001 while looking for a physical discipline to complement my sitting meditation practice. I made contact with Anthony at Flowing Zen in 2009, began learning more systematically from him in 2014, and did my teacher training in Costa Rica in 2018. (Side note: he is a formidable teacher!) Since then, I have loved helping everyone from gardeners to CEOs, from office clerks to psychiatrists (and even Buddhist monks!) to get great results from their qigong practice. My own experience is that *anyone* wanting to increase their vitality, tune into their body’s healing abilities, and settle and brighten their minds, can benefit from this astonishingly straightforward and powerful art.” – Dan

Vera Stern
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Musician
Languages Spoken: English, Romanian, and Hebrew
“I started learning and practicing  Taichi in 1999 suffering from Fibromyalgia chronic pain. Four years later I started teaching, and gradually I realized the potential for healing of  Qigong warmups. I dived into Qigong learning when I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy and Taichi became difficult to practice. I continued teaching Taichi, with added emphasis on Qigong moves. And noticed how people really enjoyed the class much more than before. I kept learning Qigong styles and new exercises, deeper breathing techniques, theory of the five elements to broaden my understanding, the regulation of Qi through breath, and much more. My love for Qigong and my healing have increased since I met Sifu Anthony and took his  Flowing Zen teachers training course in Cost Rica. The learning journey hasn’t stopped, today I continue studying and practicing and I am glad to share my experience and learning with my students at community centres in Toronto as well as in private groups” – Vera

Brent Sayder
Qigong Business Name: Zen Brook
Location: Currently between London, UK, and Xalapa, Mexico
Occupation: Writer and Teacher
Languages Spoken: English, basic Spanish
“I have practiced multiple mind-body training exercises since my early teen years, including various Eastern and Western martial arts, Calisthenics, Yoga, and Sitting Meditation. But I still struggled with daily fatigue. I began dedicated qigong training in my mid-twenties and found that it massively helped to combat my low energy levels, as well as being fun and time-efficient. I qualified as a qigong teacher in 2018 and have been teaching groups and private one-to-one students both live and virtually since that time and have seen great improvements in their energy levels and contentment with life since.” – Brent

Emmett Swint
Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Occupation: Retired
“15 years of Qigong and Tai Chi medical training and practice under both Wudang and Shaolin instructors. Lead Qigong classes at Central DeKalb County Georgia Senior Center for 5 years.” – Emmett

Glenda van Koot 
Location: Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Certified davidji Advanced Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher ~ Qigong Instructor ~ Speaker ~ Reiki Master ~ SWAT Institute Certified Master Empowerment Coach ~ Certified in Yoga Nidra ~ Currently completing studies as a Gentle Trauma Release Practitioner
“As a certified meditation teacher I was initially attracted to Flowing Zen Qigong for its meditative quality and emphasis on being in a Zen state of mind. It gives us the double benefit of being very good for us both mentally and physically. I love it and so have my students! “ – Glenda

Jeanne “Gina” White
Location: Hernando, Florida (in Citrus County)
Occupation: Active Qigong Practice Group Leader. Lifelong student to share and teach Qigong in the community to ripple worldwide.
Phone: 352-501-1524
“Qigong is life-changing – physically, mentally, and spiritually with focused purpose.” – Gina