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Ask Me Anything [May 2016 Edition]

In this edition: gallbladder surgery and qigong; healing tinnitus with qigong; practicing qigong on an airplane; learning tai chi forms; building strength and flexibility for tai chi; feeling qi all day long; mixing fitness and tai chi training; seasonal allergies and qigong.

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Ask Me Anything [February 2016]

Are you eager to learn more about qigong, tai chi, and meditation? Are you struggling with discipline? Want to know more about the history and theory of these arts? Then ask questions, grasshopper! The human brain functions better when using questions. All teachers know this. They know that presenting information is only half the battle. Maybe less than half the battle. […]

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Got Questions? Ask Me (Almost) Anything!

I owe you an apology. The last time I published one of my Q&A posts was 18 months ago. I had hoped to do them monthly, like clockwork. Life happens, I suppose. I’ve certainly had my share of life happening the last 18 months. Nevertheless, I’m sorry that I didn’t follow through because it’s really important […]

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Ask Sifu Anthony – April 2014

The latest edition of “Ask Sifu Anthony”, including questions and answers on the following topics: Practice Quantity vs. Practice Quality…Frustration and Patience in Tai Chi…Qualities of a Good Student…Dealing With Jerks While Practicing in Public…Firecrackers and Fireworks…Iron Shirt vs. Zhan Zhuang…Bathroom Qigong…Weights and Isometrics…Kids and Qigong.

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Ask Sifu Anthony – March 2014

There’s a lot of research that suggests that asking questions is an essential part of learning. My experience says that this is true. I always take time for Q&As in my classes and workshops because I feel that it’s an essential part of bringing Qigong, Tai Chi, and Meditation into the 21st century.

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