Why I Left Sifu Wong After 17 Years

In the name of transparency, I would like to publicly discuss the details of the issue that led to my resignation, and explain how I came to this important, life-changing decision.

The Great Secret to Life (No Really)

If there were one simple thing that you could do to increase your real-world happiness, dissolve lots of your stress, improve your blood chemistry, give you a big dose of tranquility, and also bring you more prosperity — would you be interested?

What The Heck Is A Blog Anyway?

“Okay. I’ll just come out and ask a stupid question,” she said innocently. “What the heck is a blog anyway?”

This came from the mouth of a 76-year-old woman. She has been a dedicated Qigong student of mine for several years, but she’s not terribly keen on the whole technology thing.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Ginseng (or Any Chinese Herbs)

I teach Qigong, which is one of the major branches of Chinese medicine. I’ve also done 1500 hours of training in Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbology. Because of this, people often assume that I encourage my students to take Chinese herbs. The truth is that I often DISCOURAGE students from taking Chinese herbs — especially ginseng.

How To Build Discipline Like A Zen Sword Master

Teaching Qigong and Tai Chi is a lot like parenting. You make lots of mistakes along the way. And in retrospect, I think that I may have made a mistake in being too soft on my students.

Ask Sifu Anthony – June 2014

In this edition: Different Kinds of Energy…Eating and Qigong…Chinese Medicine and the Spirit…Feng Shui…Iron Palm…Dragon Strength…Resistance to Practicing…

Real Experiences of Internal Strength, Part I

I’ll just come out and say it: Internal strength is real. It may be incredibly rare, but it definitely exists.

The Difference Between Kung Fu, Gung Fu, and Gung Ho.

If you’re gung ho about kung fu, then whatever style you practice — whether it is Shaolin or Tai Chi or Wing Chun or whatever — you will probably learn something about the Chinese language in this article.

Ask Sifu Anthony – May 2014

Topics include: Herbal Supplements….Spontaneous Qigong…Practicing in Public…Hitting Things (and Being Hit)…The Honeymoon Phase…The Importance of Pausing in Qigong…Practicing from Books…Fatigue and Qigong.

Old Man Beats Up Father Time Using Kung Fu

I often tell my students that 60 isn’t even the halfway mark! They usually laugh. But I’m not joking. I plan to live to be 125, fate willing.